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Pink, grey & white granny square blanket with matching throw cushions

I made these for my 14yr old daughter, she is pleased with them …. I think!

The granny square is an easy project for someone new to crocheting.

There are lots of patterns for granny squares to follow on the internet, like this:

The blanket was made out of 42 squares, all individually joined at the end with a simple single crochet.


Throw Cushions

I made two different styles of throw cushions.

The one below was made like the granny square blanket, I just kept adding more rounds until it measured the same size of cushion insert.


The other one, picture below, was made using this pattern:


I am making another set of these because my other daughter now wants one but in different colours: white, grey and navy blue.  I will upload soon.

See you soon


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