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Tunisian Crochet

While I was flicking through crochet projects on Pinterest, looking for a bit of inspiration, I came across this lovely blanket.

It was made using the Tunisian crochet method. It’s a bit like a cross between crocheting and knitting, where you keep several stitches on the hook. I had never heard of it, so thought I’d give it a try.

Apparently, they sell special hooks that look similar to a knitting needle but with a crochet hook point?! I will have to see if I can purchase one on my travels, or if anyone knows where they sell these please let me know.

I found this walkthrough to get me started:

It gives a good explanation of what Tunisian crochet is. (Better than I can explain!)

My first attempt at Tunisian crochet:

I liked how the pattern turned out, it was quite easy and fun once I got going.

I then started looking at the Tunisian entrelac crochet which is the style used for the blanket.

I found this tutorial on, it was so easy to follow:

I think I’ll practice a couple more times then attempt a blanket ….. actually maybe just a cushion cover first 😂

Watch this space!

See you soon


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