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Crochet Moon Gazing Hares – C2C

Crochet Moon Gazing Hares – C2C Crochet Pattern. I really wanted to have a go at corner to corner (C2C) so thought I’d give it a try.

Whilst looking for a design I came across this graph pattern on Pinterest.

It’s called kissing hares, but it reminded me of a moon gazing hare.  Perfect for this time of year as it represents rebirth, resurrection and fertility.

I fell in love with this design, here is the link:

C2C Moon Gazing Hares - Graph

This graph can be used as a pattern for corner to corner crochet (C2C).  For anyone that’s unsure about how to C2C, I found this great tutorial:

I kept starting it then ripping it all out because it wasn’t turning out how I wanted it.  What can I say I’m a perfectionist!

Finally, I conquered it by using a No.4 hook and Cream and Light Blue DK yarn.  I also changed the pattern slightly. At the chain 6 and chain 3 points of the pattern I chained 5 and 2 instead.  This minimised the gaps between the tiles.

Overall, I really enjoyed this type of crochet …… once I got the hang of it!

My finished piece:

C2C Moon Gazing Hares  - Crochet Corner to Corner
C2C Moon Gazing Hares – Crochet Corner to Corner

If I decide to make another one I would change the graph and make the hares a bit fatter and round their back ends a bit more.  Other than that I love it and I will make it into a tote bag.

I now have another million different ideas running around my head on what to do next in this pattern!

I hope you have enjoyed making your very own C2C Moon Gazing Hares – Crochet Corner to Corner.  If you need any further guidance please contact me at Beejui Creations 

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