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Pippa the Puppy Keyring Pattern – Handmade Crochet Amigurumi

This is a custom made keyring for my sisters fur baby, Pippa.  Look how beautiful she is!!


I have written the pattern out myself.  I’ve not had much practice at writing my own patterns, but please feel free to message me if something is incorrect or you are unsure of anything.  I’ll try my best to help you.



Head – Black colour

MR 6sc

Inc x 6 (12sts)

1sc inc x 6 (18sts)

2sc inc x 6 (24sts)

3sc inc x 6 (30sts)

4sc inc x 6 (36sts)

5sc inc x 6 (42sts)

42sc x 7 rows

5sc dec (36sts)

4sc dec (30sts)

3sc dec (24sts) Start Stuffing

2sc dec (18sts)

1sc dec (12sts)

Dec (6sts)

Fasten off

Muzzle – White colour

MR 6sc

Inc x 6 (12sts)

1sc inc x 6 (18sts)

2sc inc x 6 (24sts)

24sc x 3 rows

Stop working in the round

6sc turn

5sc turn

4sc turn

3sc turn

2sc turn


Fasten off and sew to head – stuff muzzle area

Ears – Black

CH 12

DC into 3rd ch from hook

3DC in same st

4DC in each st across

Work along other side of chain

4DC in each st to end

SS in beg chain

Fold in half and sew down middle of ear

Sew to head

Body – Black

MR 6sc

Inc x 6 (12sts)

1sc inc x 6 (18sts)

2sc inc x 6 (24sts)

3sc inc x 6 (30sts)

30sc x 1 row

Change to white

30sc x 6 rows

3sc dec x 6 (24sts)

2sc dec x 6 (18sts)

Fasten off, stuff and sew to head

Legs x 2

MR 6sc

Inc x 6 (12sts)

1sc inc x 6 (18sts)

18sc x 2 rows

1sc dec x 6 (12sts)

12sc x 6 rows

Fasten off, stuff &  sew to body

Arms x 2 – White colour

MR 4sc

Inc x 4 (8sts)

1sc inc x 4 (12sts)

12sc x 2 rows

1sc dec x 4 (8sts)

8sc x 6 rows

Fasten off sew to body

Tail – White colour

MR 6sc

6sc (around) x 8

Change colour – Black

6sc (around) x 2

Fasten off

Sew to body

Sew eyes in brown with white flecks and nose in black, on to face.

Attach keyring to top of head.

Notice: This pattern is for personal use, please feel free to sell your finished items made from this pattern but please give credit to Beejui Creations as the pattern designer and link back to this original blog post.  Please be kind and do not sell or distribute this pattern in any way, especially as your own.  Thank you!

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