Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart

This morning at Beejui Creations I have had my first attempt at making 3D Mandalas!

Since having my Cricut Maker delivered just over a week ago I’ve been playing around with card, paper & vinyl.

I saw lots of lovely mandala effect stuff on Facebook & Pinterest and I really liked them so I’ve been dying to give it a go.

I have used A3 craft card from B&M for this project just to see how it turned out. (I had to use a purple coloured card from a pack from amazon due to no purple in the other pack!)

First attempt I cut the top off the hearts …. well I didn’t the machine did! NOTE: A4 size card does not fit the biggest heart on lol

Hahaha I’ll use bigger card stock next time!

Second attempt I accidentally ripped the top intricate detailed heart but managed to glue it on so you can only tell if you look close enough.

I’ll be more careful in the future!

Hooray for glue sticks! They are now my best friend ever!

I love this machine 🙂

To make this project you will need:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Design Space
  • Mandala Heart SVG (link below to this lovely file)
  • 6 different colours card A3 or 12”x12” (I went with rainbow colours but you could do an ombré effect with different shades of the same colour)
  • Glue stick
  • Lots of patience and a steady hand for the top heart lol

The link for this SVG is from here:


They design some brilliant mandala SVG’s. They also do alphabet, numbers & punctuation mandala designs. I will be definitely having a go at them soon.

For this first attempt I have just glued all the layers straight onto each other. For my next project I will be using foam pads to give it more depth. I will post once I’ve created them.

First Colour Way
Second Colour Way

I think I prefer the second colour way, but both look great for the first attempt.

Smaller Heart Mandala using Foam Pads

I made the heart smaller on design space by reducing the size to 15cm and cut out the same as the bigger version.

I added foam spacers between the layers this time to give it more depth. It looks a bit more 3 dimensional, I like it!

The very top layer I did in vinyl instead of card stock. The card stock just didn’t want to play ball with it being smaller, it looked really awful. The vinyl was a pain to weed though but it looks so much better.

I attached the heart to light grey card stock with glue dots and framed it within a shadow box. I added a nice caption and made it into this lovely wall hanging.

Grey & Silver Personalised Theme

‘Mum’ Heart Frame

There are so many different colour options, the possibilities are endless.

Have a go yourselves and post your makes in the comments.

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