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Lotus Flower Woman Mandala – Layered

purple, blue and silver image of a woman sitting in a mandala lotus flower
Lotus Flower Woman Mandala
Lotus Flower Woman Mandala

Lotus Flower Woman Mandala – Layered. Love the colours on this one!

I purchased the SVG for this Lotus Flower Woman Mandala from It was in a bundle of 10 different designs. Here is the link:

I always customise my projects before going ahead and making them. I like to play around with the colours and layers to see what it will look like before I commit. As you can see below I changed the colours for each layer in customiser to match what colour card I wanted to use. It helps to try and find a colour in design space as close as a match to the colour card stock you are using.

Once you turn each layer into the colour you want you will see that all your mats will be colour coded for easy reference when making your project.

On design space my mats loaded up like this:

Cricut Layer 1
Cricut – Layer 1
Cricut Layers 2
Cricut Layers 2

Lotus Flower Woman Mandala – Settings and Materials I used for this project:

Mat 1

Mat 2

  • Materials: 250gsm Card stock from B&M Hobby World A4 Card 20pk – Silver
  • Colour: Silver
  • Mat: Green StandardGrip
  • Cricut material setting: Heavy Card stock – 270gsm (it struggled to cut all the way through on this setting, I may try adding more pressure next time)
  • Average Cut time – less than a minute

Mat 3

Mat 4

Mat 5


Lotus Flower Woman Mandala - Layered - Head
I nearly lost her head and my own after realising I’d threw her head away with the scrap!

Lotus Flower Woman Mandala – Assemble

I used a glue stick to layer all the pieces together, except the top vinyl layer.

NOTE: I am off to purchase a glue pen and mounting spray because those glue sticks are messy lol!

Bottom layer – Mat 2 Silver card stock

2nd layer – Mat 5 Light purple card stock

3rd layer – Mat 4 Dark purple card stock

4th layer – Mat 3 Dark blue card stock

5th layer – Mat 1 Light purple self adhesive vinyl

Lotus Flower Woman Mandala circle
Lotus Flower Woman Mandala

This project took me approximately a hour to create start to finish.

Have fun creating your own and try different colours. I would love to see your different designs, so please post your creations in the comments below.

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