Cute Little Crochet Pumpkin ðŸŽƒ

Cute little orange pumpkin
Cute little pumpkin

Designed by 

Beejui Creations

Feeling very Autumnal outside today so got my crochet hooks out and made a cute little crochet pumpkin. Look how cute he is!

You could make this into a keyring, add ribbon / yarn to the top of head like I have to hang or leave it as a small soft plushie, you choose!

You will need:

  • 4mm crochet hook
  • DK yarn in orange, green & black (I’m unsure of the amount I used but it was less than 50g for the orange and only a small amount of green & black were needed)
  • Soft toy filling
  • Darning needle to sew it all together
  • Keyring attachment or ribbon (if using)

Stitches / Abbreviations: (US Crochet)

  • MR – Magic Ring
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • INC – Increase
  • DEC – Decrease
  • CH – Chain stitch
  • SS – Slip Stitch
  • St/Sts – Stitch / Stitches

Pumpkin – orange yarn 

  • Make a magic ring (MR)
  • 6sc into MR (6sts) – do not join to first stitch, carry on working in the round
  • Inc in each st x 6 (12sts)
  • 1sc, inc x 6 (18sts)
  • 2sc, inc x 6 (24sts)
  • 3sc, inc x 6 (30sts)
  • 4sc, inc x 6 (36sts)
  • 5sc, inc x 6 (42sts)
  • 6sc, inc x 6(48sts)
  • 7sc, inc x 6 (54sts)
  • 1Sc in each st x 9 rows (54sts)
  • 7sc, dec x 6 (48sts)
  • 6sc, dec x 6 (42sts)
  • 5sc, dec x 6 (36sts)
  • 4sc, dec x 6 (30sts)
  • 3sc, dec x 6 (24sts)
  • Start Stuffing with soft toy filling
  • 2sc, dec x 6 (18sts)
  • 1sc, dec x 6 (12sts)
  • Dec x 6 (6sts)
  • SS, Fasten off (leaving a long piece of yarn for making segments)

Using the long piece leftover after fastening off, thread a darning needle and sew straight through centre hole at top to centre hole at bottom. Bring thread up on outside of pumpkin and back through the top hole, do this six times leaving a similar gap between each pumpkin segment. Once you have six segments on pumpkin pull thread to tighten all segments to sort of squish it into a pumpkin shape. Once you are happy with shape sew into bottom of hole to secure and fasten off. (Bring thread through pumpkin and cut excess to hide leftover thread inside pumpkin).

Leaves & Stalk – Green yarn

  • Make a magic ring (MR)
  • 4sc into MR (4sts) do not join to first stitch, carry on working in the round
  • 1sc in each st x 3 rows (4sts) (stalk)
  • * Stop working in the round *
  • **Ch 6, SC into 2nd ch from Hook, HDC, DC, DC, HDC, SS into start of CH, SS into next st of stalk**
  • Repeat ** to ** twice more
  • Fasten off (leaving a long piece of yarn for sewing onto top of pumpkin)

Sew onto top of pumpkin. (If using yarn for a hanging pumpkin, sew up through stalk and, using beginning tail of yarn, tie together at stalk then again 10cm at ends of yarn to form a loop. Or attach keyring attachment).

Using black yarn, sew on a cute face.

I hope you have enjoyed making your very own Cute Little Pumpkin .  If you need any further guidance please contact me at Beejui Creations 

Notice: This pattern is for personal use, please feel free to sell your finished items made from this pattern but please give credit to Beejui Creations as the pattern designer and link back to the original pattern . Please be kind and do not sell or distribute this pattern in any way. Thank you!

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