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Crochet Mini Easter Egg – Free Pattern

Crochet Mini Easter Egg - Free Pattern

Crochet Mini Easter Egg – Free Pattern

Created by ©BeejuiCreations 2018-2022

Crochet Mini Easter Egg – Free Pattern. It’s feeling very Spring like outside today with the sun shining and the little birds tweeting. With Easter only a few weeks away I have created these little Crochet Mini Easter Egg. Look how cute they are!

This is part of a crochet series where the initial pattern is the crocheted Easter egg.  The other patterns in this series are where we then turn the egg into this bunny, a chick and a carrot.  All created in DK yarn.  

You could use these as decorations or hide them for your Easter egg hunts. You could also make them into a keyring or add a piece of ribbon to the top and use them as home decor, you choose!

If you would prefer the Ad Free PDF Pattern, you can purchase it in my shop here: Crochet Easter Egg PDF Pattern

Crochet Mini Easter Egg - Free Pattern

For this Crochet Mini Easter Egg – Free Pattern you will need:

  • 4mm crochet hook
  • White – White Stylecraft Special DK yarn
  • Pink – Candy Floss Stylecraft Special DK yarn
  • Yellow – Lemon Stylecraft Special DK yarn
  • Blue – Cloud Blue Stylecraft Special DK yarn
  • Green – Poundland yarn – Similar colour yarn Aspen Stylecraft Special DK Yarn
  • Purple- I used a ball of lilac coloured yarn I found in my stash but can’t remember where I bought it from. Parma Violet Stylecraft Special DK yarn may be similar.

(I’m unsure of the amount I used but it was definitely less than 25g for each egg)

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Crochet Mini Easter Egg - Free Pattern

Stitches / Abbreviations: (US Crochet)

For UK – SC (single crochet) = DC (double crochet)

  • MR – Magic Ring
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • INC – Increase
  • DEC – Decrease
  • SS – Slip Stitch
  • St/Sts – Stitch / Stitches

Crochet Mini Easter Egg – Yarn of your choice

  • Make a magic ring (MR)
  • 6SC into MR (6sts) – do not join to first stitch, carry on working in the round
  • INC in each st x 6 (12sts)
  • 1SC, INC x 6 (18sts)
  • 2SC, INC x 6 (24sts)
  • 3SC, INC x 6 (30sts)
  • 4SC, INC x 6 (36sts)
  • 1SC in each st (36sts) x 6 rows
  • 10SC, DEC x 3 (33sts)
  • 9SC, DEC x 3 (30sts)
  • 8SC, DEC x 3 (27sts)
  • 7SC, DEC x 3 (24sts)
  • 6SC, DEC x 3 (21sts)
  • 5SC, DEC x 3 (18sts)
  • 4SC, DEC x 3 (15sts)

Start filling with Soft Toy Filling

  • 3SC, DEC x 3 (12sts)
  • DEC x 6 (6sts)
  • SS, Fasten off (sew in left over yarn)
Crochet Mini Easter Egg - Free Pattern

For a hanging decoaration:

Sew a loop of ribbon to the top of the egg. Add a bow or other embellishments to bling it up.

For a keyring:

Attach a keyring attachment by sewing the keyring to the egg securely.

I hope you have enjoyed making your very own Crochet Mini Easter Egg – Free Pattern.  I would love to see your makes, please leave me a photo in the comments!

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