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3D Mandala Letter B – Free SVG Link

3D Mandala Letter B

3D Mandala Letter B – Free SVG Link. Another great mandala project. This was a really fun project, I really enjoyed making this for my craft room.

3D Mandala Letter B - Free SVG Link
3D Mandala Letter B – Free SVG Link

3D Mandala Letter B

To make this project you will need:

Cricut MakerShop Cricut

Cricut design spaceCricut Design Space™

3D Mandala Letter SVG (link below)

5 different colours of card

I used all 5 colours from the A4 Premium Card Pack – Purple Shades from hobbycraft. They have loads of lovely colours in this range.

Link to the card I used:

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Adhesive Spray

I used adhesive spray for this project. All layers except the very top one I have used the adhesive spray on. This gives a flat kind of look to the project.

(NOTE: Open the window and cover your workspace, this spray smells really strong and even though I had a A3 pad covering my workspace it still got everywhere lol).

The adhesive spray that I used is not showing online but I bought from Hobbycraft and it was called ‘Permanent Adhesive Spray 200ml’

If you want a more 3D look use foam pads in between the layers. (NOTE: try to hide the foam pads under each layer by cutting them to size so you can’t see them).

Self Adhesive Vinyl for the very top layer

I used the light purple out of this pack from Amazon :

I find that the very top layer has very small intricate cuts and the foam pads/glue is hard work to get it to adhere. So you can either cut out of card and spray glue the top layer on to the layer below or use the self adhesive vinyl.

Blue Light Grip Cricut Mat

I used the blue light grip mat for all the layers.


Cricut settings

I made the SVG smaller to fit the paper I had – 20cm wide x 18.5cm length.

Material setting for the self adhesive vinyl – PREMIUM VINYL

Material setting for the other layers – LIGHT CARDSTOCK – 60lb (163gsm)

NOTE: there may be better settings but these are the ones that worked for me.

Here is the link for this gorgeous mandala letter SVG file:

3D Mandala Letter B - Free SVG Link
3D Mandala Letter B – Free SVG Link

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