Flossy the Flamingo Keyring Free Pattern – Handmade Crochet Amigurumi

Following on from the flamingo I made back in April. I give you Flossy the Flamingo Keyring Pattern This pattern was designed for a flamingo lover friend who requested a custom made flossy the flamingo keyring. You could make it into a keyring like I have, add ribbon to the top of the head or …

Handmade Crochet / Amigurumi Pink Flamingo

My latest creation - A Pink Flamingo!! Find the pattern here: https://amigurumi.today/crochet-baby-flamingo-amigurumi-pattern/amp/ Loving it .... and it's given me a bit of a break from the family of unicorns I've been snowed under making this week! See you soon with my next creation. Xx