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Personalised Fathers Day Frame

Personalised Fathers Day Frame
Personalised Fathers Day Frame

Personalised Fathers Day Frame. This was originally designed and made as a gift for my father. I never know what to buy him so I came up with this idea and it turned out lovely.

This would make a great personalised gift for any occasion i.e. Fathers Day, Birthdays, Christmas etc. You could also make a female version too.

To clarify this Christmas ornament project was created on a Cricut Maker.

Personalised Fathers Day Frame


Firstly, you will need a shadow box frame. The frame shown in the pictures for example, is a grey 18cm x 18cm shadow box frame. Here is the link:

Also, you will need silver/charcoal glitter cardstock for the background. Here is the link to the one used in this project:

Furthermore, you will also need a 18cm piece of permanent vinyl for this project. This is the link for the vinyl I have used in this project (I used a white sheet out of this pack)

Personalised Fathers Day Frame


Firstly, you will need a Cricut Maker machine and the design. The design is a saved project of mine in Cricut Design Space. However, to access this you may need a Cricut Access subscription. This is my link for the project:

Personalised Fathers Day Frame SVG file
Personalised Fathers Day Frame

Load the project onto Cricut Design Space, then click CUSTOMIZE. The names in the project are fully customisable. To compensate for different name lengths, the hearts may need to be adjusted.

As soon as you have customised all of your names, make sure that you select all of the project and click ALIGN then click CENTER HORIZONTALLY.

Important: Once you are happy with your design you will need to select all the text (except the square box, as this is for the background) and click WELD. This will keep all of the text together and will cut in one piece.

For Information: The fonts used in the design are ‘Chip Decor – Chipboard’ for the Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad text. The font is ‘Easton’ for the names of the children. With added small heart shapes in between the names.

Also, included in the project is a square box for the background. This background may need the size adjusted to fit your frame. To do this, measure the inside of the shadowbox frame and adjust the square to fit.

Personalised Fathers Day Frame

Make it

Start the project by loading the Cricut machine with the mat and cardstock then press MAKE IT. Once completed, remove the mat and load the next mat with the white vinyl sheet. Before cutting the vinyl, check the MIRROR box then press MAKE IT.

As soon as the Cricut has finished cutting, eject the mat and carefully remove the cut vinyl sheet. At this stage you can proceed to weed your design.

TIP: for small writing, intricate designs etc. place transfer tape over the whole design before weeding it. Turn the design over, take the backing paper off and weed straight off of the transfer sheet. As a result this keeps all the tiny letters firmly stuck down and stops them moving about.

Personalised Fathers Day Frame

To Finish

Start with opening the shadow box frame and carefully take the glass front out. Make sure it is clean, as any dust or smears may prevent the vinyl from adhering.

Then place the vinyl and transfer sheet centrally on the glass, burnish and remove transfer sheet carefully. Making sure all letters, including full stops and hearts, have adhered to the glass. Wipe over the glass with a lint free cloth to remove any smears or dust.

Replace the glass back into the frame then follow with the inner frame. Place the glitter square box cardstock cut out (background). Finally, attach the back of the shadow box frame.

All done! I hope you have enjoyed this project, let me know how yours turns out. Please leave a comment or contact me if you have any issues.

Furthermore if you don’t use or have a Cricut machine, these Personalised Fathers Day Frame are for sale in my facebook shop Beejui Creations | Facebook

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Notice: The pattern and images on this page are for personal use only. Do not copy, sell, translate or distribute these images or pattern in any way. Please feel free to share this blog post and give credit to Beejui Creations as the designer, if sharing your completed project anywhere.  Thank you! 

© Beejui Creations 2020

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Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart

Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart – This morning at Beejui Creations I have had my first attempt at making 3D Mandalas!

Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart
Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart

Since having my Cricut Maker delivered just over a week ago I’ve been playing around with card, paper & vinyl.

There are lots of lovely mandala effect projects on Facebook & Pinterest and I really like them so I’ve been dying to give them a go.

The A3 craft card used for this project was from B&M. (I had to use a purple coloured card from a pack from amazon due to no purple in this pack!)

First attempt I cut the top off the hearts …. well I didn’t the machine did! NOTE: A4 size card does not fit the biggest heart on lol

Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart - paper too small
Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart – Hahaha I’ll use bigger card stock next time!

Second attempt I accidentally ripped the top intricate detailed heart but managed to glue it on so you can only tell if you look close enough.

Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart - Torn
I’ll be more careful in the future!

Hooray for glue sticks! They are now my best friend ever!

Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart - on Cricut maker
I love this machine 🙂

To make this Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart project you will need:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Design Space
  • Mandala Heart SVG (link below to this lovely file)
  • 6 different colours card A3 or 12”x12” (I went with rainbow colours but you could do an ombré effect with different shades of the same colour)
  • Glue stick
  • Lots of patience and a steady hand for the top heart lol

The link for this SVG is from here:

They design some brilliant mandala SVG’s. They also do alphabet, numbers & punctuation mandala designs. I will be definitely having a go at them soon.

For this first attempt I have just glued all the layers straight onto each other. Further down you will see the next project where I used foam pads to give it more depth.

Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart - First colour way
First Colour Way
Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart - second colour way
Second Colour Way

I think I prefer the second colour way, but both look great for the first attempt.

Smaller Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart using Foam Pads

I made the heart smaller on design space by reducing the size to 15cm and cut out the same as the bigger version.

Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart - small
Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart – small

I added foam spacers between the layers this time to give it more depth. It looks a bit more 3 dimensional, I like it!

The very top layer I did in vinyl instead of card stock. The card stock just didn’t want to play ball with it being smaller, it looked really awful. The vinyl was a pain to weed though but it looks so much better.

I attached the heart to light grey card stock with glue dots and framed it within a shadow box. I added a nice caption and made it into this lovely wall hanging.

Rainbow 3D Mandala Heart - Love Wins Frame
Rainbow Layered Mandala Heart – Love Wins Frame

Grey & Silver Personalised Heart Theme

Black Personalised Heart Frame
Black Personalised Heart Frame

‘Mum’ Mandala Heart Frame

Pink Mum Heart Framed
Pink Mum Heart Framed

There are so many different colour options, the possibilities are endless.

Have a go yourselves and post your makes in the comments.

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