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Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament

family christmas lockdown

Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament

Created by ©BeejuiCreations 2018-2022

Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament
Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament

Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament 2020 – sublimation printed. The digital design used was created by Beejui Creations on the Affinity Designer program.

These were popular and a great reminder of our first ever Christmas spent in lockdown 2020. Hopefully though, Christmas’s going forward will not be like 2020 without seeing all our family and loved ones. I hope this ornament will act as a reminder to cherish each and every moment surrounded by our loved ones at Christmas time.

Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament

Sublimation Process:

Firstly you will need a Sublimation Acrylic Blank. Please make sure the acrylic is cast not extruded as extruded does not work with the sublimation process. The ones shown in the pictures for example are 8cm Acrylic 3mm thick discs in white from Woodform Crafts. Here is the link:

Secondly you will need a design to print. You can use any design you like but for the above I designed my own PNG file in Affinity designer. Once you have picked a design, print it out and tape the design onto the acrylic blank using heat tape. Then use a heat press to set the design onto the acrylic circle.

The heat settings I use for this are 180C for 180sec. When the heat press has finished, place the acrylic under a heavy object until it is cool. This will prevent the acrylic from warping. Also just to add, the sub paper sometimes sticks to the acrylic or leaves a dull finish. Therefore, to remove this use a washing up sponge, warm water and scrub the printed surface, this should fix it.

Lastly, you will need approximately 15cm of ribbon or cord to make the hanger for your ornament. I prefer the cord for a neater finish so I used cord from Hobbycraft, link below.

Silver Ribbon Knot Cord 2Mm X 10M | Hobbycraft

Lockdown Christmas Acrylic Ornament

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