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Greatest Gift Personalised Ornament

Greatest Gift Personalised Ornament
Greatest Gift Personalised Ornament

Greatest Gift Personalised Ornament. The greatest gift definitely is family! I finally got around to making myself something and I absolutely love it!

To clarify this Christmas ornament project was created on a Cricut Maker.

Greatest Gift Personalised Ornament


Firstly, you will need an acrylic blank ornament. The ornament shown in the pictures for example, is a mirrored 8cm Acrylic 3mm thick circle from Woodform Crafts. Here is the link:

Silver Mirrored –

Secondly, you will need a Cricut machine and the design required for this is in Cricut Design Space. Subsequently, to access this you will need a Cricut Access subscription. This is the link for the file required:

The Greatest Gift Is Family #MA7F90EE

As soon as you have loaded the design, you can customize it more and add in text for the names and extra hearts etc.

Furthermore, you will also need a 10cm piece of permanent vinyl for this project. This is the vinyl I have used in this project:


Start the project by loading the Cricut machine with the mat and vinyl then press start to cut. Above all please make sure that you use the correct material settings for the vinyl being used.

As soon as the Cricut has finished cutting, eject the mat and carefully remove the cut vinyl sheet. At this stage you can proceed to weed your design.

TIP: for small writing, intricate designs etc. place transfer tape over the whole design before weeding it. Turn the design over, take the backing paper off and weed straight off of the transfer sheet. As a result this keeps all the tiny letters firmly stuck down and stops them moving about.

Lastly, you will need approximately 15cm of ribbon or cord to make the hanger for your ornament. I prefer the cord for a neater finish, link for this is below.

Cord –

Furthermore if you don’t use or have a Cricut machine, these Acrylic Ornaments are for sale in my facebook shop Beejui Creations | Facebook

Greatest Gift Personalised Ornament

Check out my other designs of Acrylic Ornament Posts:

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Baby’s First Christmas Personalised Mirrored Acrylic Ornaments

Love love love these! They’ll look gorgeous on the Christmas tree this year.

I made these with 8cm Mirrored Acrylic discs from Woodform Crafts

The permanent vinyl I used was Teckwrap permanent vinyl in glossy white For the pink and blue I used sheets out of this pack

I designed my own SVG and cut it out on the cricut maker.

I’ve added cord or ribbon in corresponding colours. All the ribbon and cord was from Hobbycraft.

Cord –

Organza ribbon –

These are for sale on my Facebook page Beejui Creations

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Woman Sitting in a Lotus Flower Mandala – Cricut Maker

purple, blue and silver image of a woman sitting in a mandala lotus flower
purple, blue and silver image of a woman sitting in a mandala lotus flower

Love the colours on this one!

I purchased the SVG for this from It was in a bundle of 10 different designs. Here is the link:

I always customise my projects before going ahead and making them. I like to play around with the colours and layers to see what it will look like before I commit lol. As you can see below I changed the colours for each layer in customiser to match what colour card I wanted to use. It helps to try and find a colour in design space as close as a match to the colour card stock you are using.

Once you turn each layer into the colour you want you will see that all your mats will be colour coded for easy reference when making your project.

On design space my mats loaded up like this:

Settings and Materials I used for this project:

Mat 1

Mat 2

  • Materials: 250gsm Card stock from B&M Hobby World A4 Card 20pk – Silver
  • Colour: Silver
  • Mat: Green StandardGrip
  • Cricut material setting: Heavy Card stock – 270gsm (it struggled to cut all the way through on this setting, I may try adding more pressure next time)
  • Average Cut time – less than a minute

Mat 3

Mat 4

Mat 5


I nearly lost her head and my own after realising I’d threw her head away with the scrap!

purple, blue and silver image of a woman sitting in a mandala lotus flower


I used a glue stick to layer all the pieces together, except the top vinyl layer. NOTE: I am off to purchase a glue pen and mounting spray because those glue sticks are messy lol!

Bottom layer – Silver card stock

2nd layer – Light purple card stock

3rd layer – Dark purple card stock

4th layer – Dark blue card stock

5th layer – Light purple self adhesive vinyl

purple, blue and silver image of a woman sitting in a mandala lotus flower

This project took me approximately a hour to create start to finish.

Have fun creating your own and try different colours. I would love to see your different designs, so please post your creations in the comments below.

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3D Mandala Owl – White, Silver & Lilac Cardstock

Another card mandala I’ve made.

This one was a nightmare! Silver card was rubbish to cut, rubbish to weed …. just a complete load of rubbish in general lol. Next time I’ll do the silver in vinyl, I’m sure it will be so much easier!

But it did turn out nice in the end. I love the eye colour, it sets off the white & silver really well.

I can’t share the link to the SVG file for this but it is from a Cricut group on Facebook.